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the only all-in-one solar design tool for PV professionals

Insun is a cloud-based solar design tool that helps PV professionals amplify business results while maintaining sustainability and ethical standards.
Enhance your workflow, stand out from other solar energy professionals, and increase sales.


Calculate weather, product availability, pricing, and compatibility in only 10 minutes. Different country regulations are included with this solar design tool.


Slash the time your team spends developing projects and increase sales with your available stock. Directly manage your leads too.


Our algorithm ensures correct use of your product anywhere in the world. Plus, increase your solar design leads thanks to your place in the PV community hub.

are you an insunner?

Insun is pioneering a new energy future and we’d like you to be a part of this sustainable vision.

As a PV professional, you’re aware of the impact society’s electricity needs have on our planet. Yet, electricity is the foundation of sustainable development and roughly 850 million people still live without this important resource. It’s a delicate balance between sustainability and the resources needed to live in modern society.

Insunners seek to bring sustainability to the world in a transparent and ethical way. With the Insun platform, you can see all costs and performance from a third party view.


what they say about us

Insun is so amazing that nobody has questions.
Paolo Menzaghi
Energy Manager
It is such a great job! It has given us so much satisfaction that our business simulator, used by thousands of users, is developed with insun.
Federico Mastronardi
Technical Sales Engineer, ZCS
We are insun fan, we appreciate it a lot, because it is an “amazing object”.
Enrico Pertici
Senior Technical Sales Engineer, Tigo

why our users love us

Insun it’s cloud-based, you can log in while on the go, no matter where you are. There’s no need for physical software to upload or maintain.
It is validated by the Fraunhofer Society, so every design and catalog that’s uploaded is reliable and if you choose, verified.
insun hub

the insunner community is about sustainable solar design


Insun is where the photovoltaic market meets to design, learn, and network. Our powerful, all-in-one platform features continuing education with webinars, a community of PV professionals, and the most accurate PV design tool available.

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