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insun offers the only all-in-one PV design tool
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Ten years ago, I saw the potential of the solar market industry. Yet, I was frustrated over the missed opportunities. Designers spend hours compiling calculations manually, manufacturers have great solar products that can be tough to differentiate, and distributors want to increase their project load but maintain high standards.

Often, there’s a lack of transparency about what products cost in which markets and their effectiveness. This makes it challenging to be efficient. Yet, efficiency is what the PV industry needs for enhanced sustainability.

Insun harnesses 10+ years of solar experience to lead the PV industry into a sustainable future based on ethics and transparency. With our innovative platform we’ve created a hub for the PV industry to overcome market resistance and position yourself as an industry leader. From creating efficient solar estimates to managing a solar panel company’s catalogue, Insun gives you the tools to plan, network and scale your solar energy business.

The future of energy is renewable energy. Join us in meeting the growing demand for electricity and sustainability.

Marco Ferrarini
Insun Founder
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Our goal is to create a solar energy market based on ethics and transparency. To support our vision, we’ve built a PV design tool that streamlines pv data retrieval and ensures the best business performance for our users. Trusted by PV professionals in 67 countries, we put the environment first.

The only PV design tool designed for collaboration and a new perspective in the solar industry. Other PV design tools require manual input but Insun uses an algorithm that ensures the most efficient and precise designs for sustainable environments.
The Insun platform is free to join. Because the algorithm is data-driven, it only shows the products that fit your specifications. No company has special treatment.
Your solar energy system impacts lives. As the only all-in-one platform for solar, we want to help you do your best work possible.
Sustainability is more than a marketing message. As a PV professional, you recognize the need for green energy and are passionate about creating the best experience for your customers and the environment.

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