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The platform for the design of photovoltaic systems

inSun is the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive platform for designing photovoltaic systems. It integrates geolocated legal regulations, product catalogs updated by manufacturers, and specific meteorological databases for each country. All of this within a single tool where installers and designers can create detailed photovoltaic projects quickly.

Updated maps, intuitive drawing tools, realistic 3D modeling

It automatically generates 3D models of various types of buildings, with a fully parametric building library. You can place modules, analyze shading, modify the electrical configuration, and define the load profile to calculate the ROI (return on investment). inSun performs static calculations according to the regulations in force in the country of design.

Database managed by manufacturers

Design your system with a database of 69,453 items* constantly updated by manufacturers. You have everything you need to design a complete and customized system (modules, inverters, structures, batteries, and optimizers).

Data import is done through validated formats, such as PAN files, recognized by research centers and industry organizations, ensuring the highest level of professionalism. (*data as of 08/24/23)

Realistic 3D Design and Modeling

Create detailed and realistic representations of buildings and installations using Unity (a graphics engine developed for video game creation). Focus on aesthetic and functional details, automatically calculate shading, and pay attention to the smallest details to provide your clients with an interactive and engaging 3D animation.

Accurate and Comprehensive Electrical Configuration

Configure electrical systems automatically or manually, down to defining string configurations, cable placement, inverters, and field panels.

Extreme Speed and User-Friendliness

Create a complete project in just 90 seconds. The intuitive interface and AI-driven automated calculation systems simplify data analysis based on various factors such as products, areas, yields, and consumption.

Calculation algorithms designed to ensure quality

The structure of inSun and its calculation algorithms have been developed to ensure professional results of excellent, reliable, and bankable quality. Hourly calculations, accurate irradiance data, product data from reliable sources, and high-precision geographical maps.

Reliability of Input Data

Design with the assurance of using data that complies with geolocated regulations, industry standards, and best practices, thus meeting technical and regulatory requirements.

Irradiance Data from SOLCAST and Meteonorm P50

Utilize data with a 2 km resolution and a 5-minute interval, ensuring precise details for optimizing energy system design.

Maps from Google, ArcGIS, and MapBox

Work with detailed and up-to-date maps to create precise and highly realistic projects. If you can’t find a building, you can upload a floor plan in image format.

Max Accessibility on the Cloud

The platform is entirely cloud-based, so you don’t need to install anything on your PC, and you can access it from anywhere using your login credentials.

Designed for Designers

Developed with the goal of being authoritative, comprehensive, and intuitive for designers.

Total Data Security

Your data is secure, thanks to the high-security standards provided by Microsoft Azure.

Shading Analysis on Cells and Diodes

The shading analysis extends to the level of individual cells, considering the specific switch diode intervention of each module, ensuring a detailed understanding of the impact of shading on the entire system.

Automatic Static Calculation According to Regulations

The static calculation for mounting systems is automated and complies with the regulations in force in the country of design, ensuring the compliance of the structures.

Automatic or Manual Electrical Configuration

The platform offers the choice between automatic or manual configuration of string length for each MPPT, as well as automatic or assisted customization of wiring and conduits.

Comprehensive Electrical Accessories Management

Every detail is taken into account, including electrical accessories such as optimizers, storage systems, cables, string boxes, and cable ducts, ensuring comprehensive and precise management of electrical components.

Adding New Products and Battery Management

New products can be added through various methods, including standalone procedures, importing from datasheets, or the ENF database. The platform also provides comprehensive support for battery and energy storage management based on load profiles.

Export Your Project with the inSun App

Export the complete documentation of your project. Easily share it with installers and clients through the INSUN app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. All documentation is generated with data from modules, structures, inverters, optimizers, and batteries provided directly by manufacturers. The output, verified and validated by Fraunhofer, is bankable.

Download and view comprehensive and professional documents that include DWG files for detailed design, single-line diagrams for electrical installations, and performance simulations: annual Weather Data chart, annual Global Irradiance chart, component list and datasheets, annual energy production chart, annual performance and loss chart, daily production and self-consumption chart, return on investment.

Validated and Bankable Documents

inSun simulations are validated by Fraunhofer, a recognized research institute in the energy sector. This validation ensures reliability and compliance with the required standards to be considered bankable.

Annual Weather Data Chart

It represents meteorological data throughout the year, providing crucial information for performance evaluation.

Annual Irradiance Chart

It shows the global solar irradiance throughout the year, contributing to the assessment of energy potential.

Annual Energy Production Chart

It illustrates the expected energy production throughout the year, based on irradiance data and component specifications.

Annual Performance and Loss Chart

It displays system performance and analyzes loss factors throughout the year.

Daily Production and Self-Consumption Chart

Upload building consumption data using automatic algorithms or by uploading a load profile in CSV format (hourly or quarterly data). The program will automatically intersect consumption data with production data to calculate the proportions of self-consumed, sold, or stored energy in the storage system.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Calculate the period of time required for the investment costs to be offset by the energy savings achieved. Obtain a comprehensive and detailed cash flow based on the study of self-consumption shares, considering deduction, financing, and maintenance operations.

Bill of Materials and Component Datasheets

It provides a detailed list of components used in the project, along with official datasheets from manufacturers.


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