Accurate and efficient solar estimates,
that’s the power of inSun

If you’re a PV professional, you know it can take hours to put together an accurate solar estimate.
You need to know so many specifics around weather, local solar regulations, affordability, and much more.
inSun helps you do it faster and with accuracy.

All in one

Insun’s platform integrates weather, law regulations, and specific catalogues for each country within one tool.

3D detail

Incorporating 3D detail  allows more accurate and comprehensive analysis of solar projects that avoid foreseeable obstacles in later stages of design and development.

End to end

End-to-end solar energy projects including ROI report, all handled in the best way possible


Verification of catalogues and solar designs from a globally recognized institute.


Installers and Project Engineers can put together PV projects in just from 15 to 60 minutes. You can create multiple options, choose the most efficient one and develop the sale proposal for your client.


Automatic 3D building

Use the latest maps and define your operational area using simple and intuitive drawing tools. Insun will automatically make the 3D constructions of the buildings.

Environment definition

Enter any obstacles in your workspace and check the conformation of the surrounding environment

Products catalogue

Use updated and validated catalogs by manufacturers and create the prototype that best meets your needs.

Prototypes placement

Enter of prototypes through automatic fitting or manual drag and drop mode directly in the 3D environment

Shading analysis

Perform an accurate shadow analysis on workspaces and placed modules. Calculation of the mismatch for an accurate estimate of performance.

Static calculation

Verify the static of the structures according to the regulations in force in the country of design

Strings configuration

Automatic and complete calculation of the best electrical configuration specific for your system and integrates all the necessary elements

Output documents

Export your project documentation complete with yield simulations, dwg files and single-line diagrams

Self consumption &
return on investment

Define the load profile of your building and integrate it with the production data. Finally, calculate your repayment plan.