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Integrate your catalogue into a
complete design platform

Our algorithms pull only products compatible with the design. It incorporate local weather, laws and projects,
so you can ensure your products the best performances while managing your distributors and leads

Catalogue management

Place your products in a complete design environment and manage their technical and commercial dynamics, globally, in real time

Distribution network

Provide your distribution network with a powerful quotation and order management tool

Lead generation

Activate lead generation dynamics on your products worldwide, region by region.



Complete bill of materials (BOM)

Automatic generation of the complete list of mounting systems with just a single click.

Produttori - Bill of material - inSun

Static Calculation

Effectively verification of the static of the structures, always calculated and managed according to the different regulations in force in every country of the world.

Accessories management

Full management of accessories to complete the project, based on specific layout and static calculations, to ensure total system efficiency.

Compatibility among components

Direct and automatic control of the compatibility between structure and building and between the structure and the selected module.

Automatic dwg drawing creation

Download and share your project drawings, automatically generated by the system, complete with modules, structures, accessories and components used.



Technical Data Management

The administration module allows you to accurately and precisely manage all the parameters relating to the mechanical and electrical data of the products supplied.

3D Modules Viewer

Automatic 3D creation of your photovoltaic panel, quickly and accurately, respecting all the parameters entered.

PAN files

Enhance your product by directly managing the catalogs. Take advantage of advanced techniques for the automatic calculation of efficiency in low irradiation conditions and able to manage the bifacial factor.



Automatic string calculation

Simple and precise creation of the electrical configuration of your systems and of all its components (stringbox, optimizers)


Calculate the inverter production data by integrating them with your storage system.

Self consumption

Enter the consumption data of the building and create a precise return plan.